Warringah Lost & Found

At Collaroy Vets we operate Warringah Council's pound facilities.
If you have found a pet dog or cat call a council ranger on 9942 2111 between 7am and 7pm.
Before 7am or after 7pm call us to arrange admitting the pet into our pound facilities.
A pet that is microchipped can usually be returned home quickly and safely.

Warringah council requires that all dogs and cats are microchipped/identified and registered. We cannot release an impounded pet without ensuring these requirements are complied with. Further info on Microchipping and Registration. Note that fees apply for all pound services that are set by Warringah Council. We cannot negotiate or waive fees in any circumstances. Fees are significantly discounted for desexed animals.

If an owner cannot be located we do everything we can to find a suitable new home for the animal.