Take a tour behind the scenes

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter. We will be bringing you all the latest on the comings and goings at the clinic, more info on our staff and some interesting health and medical articles too. Please let us know what topics interest you and what further information we can provide, we welcome your thoughts and feedback.

In this first edition we would like to take you behind the scenes of our busy hospital. We realise that a lot of clients never see the great facilities we have beyond the reception area and consultation rooms. Our hospital extends into an expansive suite of operating theatre, treatment room, ICU, isolation, x-ray room, boarding facilities, grooming area and more.

The heart of our hospital is the treatment room, a large open area with multiple specialised tables. It is the busiest place in the clinic. All areas of the clinic are accessible from the treatment room allowing patients to be moved from the consult rooms, in & out of hospital, to radiology, to treatment tables, to theatre or have samples assessed in the lab. The treatment room has its own fully equipped inhalation anaesthetic machine with a portable pulse oximeter & gas scavenger system ensuring anaesthetised patients are always monitored with the best care.The treatment room contains our IM3 dental unit which is the latest in small animal dentistry. It allows ultrasonic de-scaling, polishing & high speed drilling enabling our team to perform the highest standard in animal dentistry.

The operating theatre is adjacent to the treatment room and can be viewed through a large glass window. The centre of the room is the operating table which can be heated as appropriate. The inhalation anaesthetic machine uses an anaesthetic agent known as isolfluorane which is one of the safest inhalation anaesthetics available. A pulse oximeter measures heart rate & blood oxygen levels continually while the patient is in the theatre. The clinic also has its own state-of the-art fiberoptic video endoscope to examine organs and structures inside the body, take photographs and take small amounts of tissue for biopsy.

The radiology facilities are in a separate room off the treatment room. We use digital x-rays instead of traditional photographic film which gives us the ability to view an image immediately and save it on medical files. The digital x-ray machine has the additional benefit of using less radiation. The clinic also has its own ultrasound machine for visualising subcutaneous body structures including tendons, muscles, joints, vessels and internal organs.

The cat & dog hospitals have climate control allowing the ideal environment when an overnight stay is necessary. The hospital wards are equipped with custom made stainless steel cages which boast hygienic surfaces and good patient comfort is ensured with padding and heat pads.

A separate ICU ward is where our most delicate patients are monitored. There's even an isolation ward if we are concerned about contagion, providing the best environment for all our patients.

At the rear of the hospital are the grooming and bathing facilities and a lovely terrace where the staff can relax! Also out back is where our boarding guests get to play. There is an undercover run offering shade and a large lawn for our canine guests and the separate cattery gives our feline visitors comfort and security.

So you can see there really is a lot going on behind the scenes!