Summer 2011

Take a tour behind the scenes

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter. We will be bringing you all the latest on the comings and goings at the clinic, more info on our staff and some interesting health and medical articles too. Please let us know what topics interest you and what further information we can provide, we welcome your thoughts and feedback.

In this first edition we would like to take you behind the scenes of our busy hospital. We realise that a lot of clients never see the great facilities we have beyond the reception area and consultation rooms. Our hospital extends into an expansive suite of operating theatre, treatment room, ICU, isolation, x-ray room, boarding facilities, grooming area and more... read more.

Endoscopy saves Charlie

Charlie, a 4 year old tabby cat, presented to Collaroy Vets with inspiratory dyspnoea, a term describing extreme effort upon breathing in as opposed to breathing out. Upon physical examination Charlie was in obvious distress but no reason was apparent for this. There was nothing that could be seen obstructing his upper airway and no swelling of his throat. X-rays of his throat and chest did not reveal any abnormalities. The decision was taken to give Charlie a general anaesthetic, quickly establish a good airway with a tube and then pass an endoscope down his windpipe to see if anything was there. The endoscope is a flexible, fibreoptic scope that allows you to look in all these otherwise inaccessible places... readmore.


Take part in our Christmas comPETition to be in the running to win a bottle of bubbly! If you have a great photo of your pet enjoying the festivites, please post it on our facebook wall. We will pick our absolute favorite on 31 January and the winner will recieve a bottle of bubbly...and of course there will be a treat or two for the model!

We are open this Xmas

We will be open every day throughout the holiday season, including Christmas Day and all public holidays. On public holidays our open hours are 9am-5pm and rest assured our emergency service is fully operational at all times.

Did you know?

  • your cat's heart beats twice as fast as yours

  • cats almost never "purr" at other cats, the sound is reserved for humans


Community Update

Dr Peter Prendergast has long had an association with Warringah Council in matters concerning pet ownership in our area. Peter is a member of the Companion Animals Community Commitee and gives advice and opinion from the perspective of an Animal Welfare more.


Puppy School

Puppy training classes are held on site on Tuesday evenings. The classes are operated by Dogtech and run by Katrina. To secure a place call Katrina on 1300 650 739 or call the clinic for further details. The best time to start is when pup is between 8-10 weeks old.