Autumn 2012


The Autumn Years - Arthritis

As summer draws to an end and the days and nights get cooler, we start to see an increase in the cases of arthritis presenting to the clinic. Arthritis is very common, affecting one in five adult dogs. It is more prevelent in older dogs of medium-large breeds, but pets of any age and any size can be affected by this painful degenerative disease. Arthritis usually develops slowly and causes cronic pain. There are signs to look out for which are indicators that your dog could have arthritis...does you dog have trouble getting up in the morning and seem a bit stiff? Arthritic cats are good at hiding their discomfort and the signs may be subtle and difficult to spot.

Because the disease develops slowly, it is often assumed that it's just old age and nothing can be done. Fortunately, this is not true. There are a variety of treatments more


Jordy's mystery illness unravelled

Jordy, a 10 year old female fox terrier, presented to the hospital for drinking a lot and just being quieter than usual. After full blood and urine tests, the usual suspects...kidney disease, diabetes and cushings disease...were ruled out. Chest x-rays were taken and a small, subtle mass was identified in the front of the chest. With the aid of ultrasound, we were able to obtain a fine needle biopsy of the mass. The pathology, although not conclusive, suggested it was a tumour. A CT or 'cat scan' was subsequently done which really helped define the tumour and its position in front of the heart, butting up on the aorta. Jordy underwent open chest surgery... read more


Facebook 100

Our facebook page regularly features pets looking for adoption and also keeps you up to date with the comings and goings of our busy hospital. Please share our page with your facebook friends..they may be the winner!... visit us on facebook


Grooming by Pet Campaign

Pet Campaign, formerly based in Mona Vale and Collaroy, have moved and will operate from our premises from mid April. Pet Campaign employ skilled and qualified groomers and pride themselves on achieving styling perfection! Every grooming session is as unique as your dog, ensuring special attention is paid to your dog's breed, skin type, personality and most important, desired look.

Did you know?

  • Dogs nose prints are as unique as human's fingerprints.

  • Dalmation puppies are born without any spots on their bodies.


Community Update

Did you know Collaroy Vets is the pound for Warringah Council?

If your pet is microchipped and your contact details are current it won't take us long to reunite pet with owner.

Pets whose owners cannot be found are re-homed. The Animal Welfare League, Cat Protection League and Doggie Rescue help us with re-homing. We have a no kill policy at Collaroy Vets and no stray or abandoned animal is destroyed purely for the reason it is lost or homeless. We also collect a lot of strays from the Pittwater council area so it's worth calling us even if you are outside the Warringah more


Cattery & Kennels

We offer a full boarding sevice for cats, dogs and other small pets. Your pet is looked after on-site in a homely and safe environment. Each animal has their own enclosure. Dogs have an undercover run, a grassed yard and are walked and played with regularly. Cats are homed in a seperate, purpose built cattery with reverse cycle air conditioning for comfort.