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Our vets have written fact sheets on a range of issues from medical conditions to advice on caring for your pet.

Open any fact sheet by clicking the title in the list below. These sheets are easy to print off for easy referral.


tick paralysis Tick Paralysis The cause is the paralysis tick, Ixodes holocyclus, which is generally found in bushland areas on the eastern coast of Australia.


Taking care of your Puppy Taking care of your Puppy Congratulations on the addition of a new member to your family! This information sheet is to help you keep track of all the special needs of your new pup.


Care before surgery Care before Surgery How should I prepare my pet for surgery? Most pets will have an operation at some stage in their life, eg for neutering (spaying or castration) or to treat a disease.


Care after surgery Care after Surgery How do I care for my pet after surgery? After routine operations most animals should be ready to come home within a few hours of waking up from the anaesthesia.


de-sexing De-sexing Why have your dog de-sexed? There are a number of reasons to have your dog de-sexed if you are not intending to breed.


Euthanasia Euthanasia Is it time to say goodbye? To request euthanasia for your pet is probably the most difficult decision a pet owner can make.


Dangerous foods Dangerous foods Certain human foods are dangerous to your dog. Here are some common examples.


Unleashed Dog Unleashed Dog Exercise Areas Warringah Council has eight areas to exercise your dog off the leash at any time of the day, plus a swimming area at Curl Curl Lagoon.